Contacting Me
You may leave voicemail messages at (713) 623-2110. Please keep in mind I am generally with clients throughout the day, and have little time to return phone messages. Phone calls of more than 15 minutes will be billed at the same rate as for psychotherapy. You may e-mail me however, please only change appointment times via the telephone as it is checked more frequently.

Time Issues
Most appointments are scheduled for one hour. About 45 minutes of that time is spent talking with the client. The balance of the time will be spent in dealing with paperwork and similar matters. Group psychotherapy sessions are longer, generally 90 minutes in length. Morning, afternoon, and evening appointments are available, but clients are not seen on the weekend.

Attempts to schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for you will be made - but please bear in mind that late afternoon and evening times are my most requested times. Appointments are scheduled about two weeks in advance. In case of an emergency, I will attempt to schedule you that day if time permits.

Cancellation Policy
Appointment times are always at a premium, and missed appointments are a major problem because of the difficulty in rescheduling. If you miss scheduled appointments without informing me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be billed at your normal fee. Please inform me if you decide to terminate services. If you fail to attend two consecutive sessions without notification, I will be assume that you wish to terminate services.

Risk of Treatment
Medicines have side effects - risks that you run when you take that medication. Likewise, there are risks in seeking psychological services. For example, you may initially become more anxious. It is normal to feel reluctant about talking with a stranger about your personal life, but this discomfort will probably lessen as you get to know me. If this is the first time that you have seen a psychotherapist, you may feel greater discomfort. Psychotherapy is intended for basically healthy people who want to improve their lives. People who see me are generally successful persons who seek help in coping with specific issues in their lives such as problems in a relationship, a sense of unhappiness in their lives, difficulties in parenting, or coping with a medical condition. Psychotherapy is a joint effort between the psychologist and the client, the results of which cannot be guaranteed. Progress depends on many factors including motivation, effort, and other life circumstances such as your interactions with family, friends, and other associates. Although most people report benefit from psychotherapy, a minority feel that their condition worsened as a result of treatment. Please discuss your feelings about treatment directly with me.

I am required to maintain records of my work with you. These records generally take the form of notes that I make during and after appointments, intake information, written information that you give to me, billing information, and any correspondence concerning your case. These records will not be released without your written consent except in the situations described under Confidentiality and Privacy. You may request a copy of your records but you will be charged for the cost of reproduction.

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.

You may request a statement of services rendered by me by contacting my billing assistant, Phyllis Meyer. If you are seeking reimbursement to you from your insurance company, you will need such statements indicating the dates of treatment, my tax ID, a diagnosis of a mental health condition, and the types of services you received (e.g. individual psychotherapy). Note that unless you are given a mental health diagnosis your insurance company will not reimburse you. Furthermore, you should be aware that insurance companies will generally not reimburse you for marital counseling.