TPA 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Public Service Award
It's an absolute honor for me to assist the brave men and women of the Houston Fire Department as they serve our community. The recognition I received from the Texas Psychological Association for my contributions to the Department has been one of the personal and professional highlights of my life.

Thank You For Your Service

If you’re an employee of the Houston Fire Department, I can provide services to you at no cost. I have been a Staff Psychologist for HFD for over 10 years. I have seen hundreds of firefighters, civilians, and retirees during that time. I can provide assistance to you for any sort of psychological issues from marital problems, to PTSD, to anxiety. My job is to make you better able to perform your job and to help you have a productive career.

Please call my office to schedule your appointment. (713) 623-2110
Download First Responders Intake Form and HIPAA From here.

My office is located at:
3435 Branard Street, Suite 202
Houston, Texas 77027-6031

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When you arrive at my office, you will see a doorbell with my name on it. Press the button, and it will ring in my office. Don’t worry if I do not immediately respond. I am probably finishing up work with someone else. I will come to greet you as soon as I can after you ring the bell.