Parenting Strategies

When I began to work with children as part of my training as a psychologist, I soon realized that it was not enough to help a child unless I also helped the parents. No matter how persuasive I am, I will never be as important an influence on your kids as you are. In working with kids, I see my primary role as your consultant to make your parenting more effective. Although in some cases I see children individually, I usually prefer a family format, and I always will want to coordinate my work with you. Some kids present special challenges because of learning problems, medical conditions, attention-deficit disorder, or other issues, and I have extensive experience in working with almost any kind of problem that children and families may face. I am skilled in the use of diagnostic instruments for assessing learning and psychological problems of children. In addition, I have taught graduate courses in treating family problems for over twenty years. The best training in raising kids I received, though, was through parenting my two daughters, now both working professionals.

Typical parenting issues which I treat:

  • Difficult behavior problems (How do I get me kids to obey?)
  • Special needs (How do I ensure my child gets the right care?)
  • Children of divorced couples (How can we better co-parent?)
  • Emotional issues of children (How can I help my depressed/anxious kid?)