Men’s Issues

My background makes me uniquely experienced as a psychologist to work with men, especially men who have struggled to open up emotionally. Men sometimes deal with their emotions differently than women. They are more apt to express emotions through actions rather than words, but sometimes those actions are inefficient or even misguided (e.g. excessive anger). While every man is unique, I find that my service in the military, my work with the VA, and my role as Staff Psychologist for the Houston Fire Department has given me great insight into the kind of men that are often left out by the psychological community. This has led me to a professional focus on consulting with men. I will not expect you to unburden dark secrets or question your ability to feel emotions. I will offer practical guidance in navigating the challenges that most men face in their lives. I may meet with you individually or in a small group.

Typical issues addressed in consulting with men:

  • Work vs. Family (How do I create the right balance?)
  • Relationship dissatisfaction (Why don’t I feel happy in my relationship?)
  • Feeling alone (Is there someone out there for me?)
  • Aging (Is my life really winding down?)
  • Emotional control (My family says I am too angry/depressed/anxious. Are they right?)