Men’s Issues
Unlike most psychotherapists my background is well suited to understanding and relating to men. I have trained military units, worked on road construction crews, led a tank platoon, driven a dump truck, served as a police officer, commanded an Army unit with a TOP SECRET mission, and worked with Vietnam veterans. These experiences have helped me understand men in ways that are not described in psychology texts. This led me to a professional focus on consulting with men.  Much of my graduate training was centered on the effect of gender on human behavior. I meet and collaborate with psychologists throughout the country who specialize in helping men. For almost 20 years I have been devoted to helping good men become better men.

Anger Problems
Growing up, I often witnessed the rages of my father. As a psychologist I know that many men, experience huge problems with the inappropriate expression of anger. Although anger problems are not limited to men, men are more likely to get themselves into trouble as a result of their anger. I use a variety of methods to address anger problems depending on the individual situation. Sometimes, I recommend individual consultation while at other times I suggest meeting with others as part of learning how to successfully cope with anger. I give clients practical advice on how to manage anger, reduce stress, avoid difficult situations, and problem-solve likely challenges. 

Marital Counseling
I am proud to be happily married to my wife of more than 40 years. This is no small feat in today’s world where divorce seems to be the most common way of dealing with the inevitable challenges of living with a partner. I have come to believe that being married, not parenting, is the hardest job in the world. After all, almost everyone loves their children, even when they are misbehaving. But “misbehavior” in a marriage frequently ends in divorce. I use a variety of approaches in my work with couples, but I always use practical, research-proven ideas to rebuild marital friendship, reduce conflict, and improve problem-solving. We’ll spend less time on how your mother “dressed you”, and more time on how you need to “address” each other.

Group Therapy/Consultation
I was fortunate to have great training in graduate school with experts in group approaches. I have also participated as a member of several groups, and these experiences were profoundly helpful to me. As a result, I am a strong believer in the utility of the group format. Many clients, especially men, imagine that they will not be able to be open in a group setting, but my experience is that they usually like the group setting after they have attended a few times.  Participants quickly learn that they are not so different from most people, and the environment feels similar to participating in an interactive class. Groups are teamwork opportunities, where the members and the leaders combine their experiences and wisdom to encourage people to tackle problems. They are especially helpful for long-standing issues that you have been unable to overcome by other means. I offer numerous group experiences, some short-term and specialized, others longer and more diverse in their scope.  Group meetings are sometimes intense, usually thought provoking, occasionally life-changing, and often punctuated with humor and camaraderie. 

Parenting Difficult Kids
When I began to work with children as part of my training as a psychologist, I soon realized that it was not enough to help a child unless I also helped the parents. No matter how persuasive I am, I will never be as important an influence on your kids as you are. In working with difficult kids I see my primary role as your consultant to make your parenting more effective. 

Although in some cases I see children individually, I usually prefer a family format, and I always will want to coordinate my work with you. Some kids present special challenges because of learning problems, medical conditions, attention-deficit disorder, or other issues, and I have extensive experience in working with almost any kind of problem that children and families may face. I am also skilled at the use of diagnostic instruments for assessing learning and psychological problems of children. In addition, I have taught graduate courses in treating family problems for over twenty years.  The best training in raising kids I received was through parenting my two daughters, now both college graduates.

Combining Outdoor Experiences with Personal Growth
Experiences in nature can be a powerful antidote to the stresses of the modern world, but we have become more and more removed from the natural environment. Camping and hiking have been enduring personal interests for me, and I have learned a great deal about myself from mastering personal challenges through parachuting, mountain climbing, obstacle courses, and white water rafting. As a psychologist I have sought to integrate outdoor experiences with psychological growth activities. Each year I lead retreats at settings such as state and national parks using the natural beauty of these places to bring about deeper understanding of the self, improvements in relationships, and a greater sense of peace. You do not have to be an athlete or daredevil to participate in these activities, as they are designed to test you psychologically more than physically. This is perhaps the most unique service that I provide, and past participants enthusiastically recommend them to others.