Group Counseling for Men

I am a strong believer in the utility of the group format in addressing human problems. When people put their heads together, better solutions may emerge. I am one of only a couple of people in Houston leading men’s groups, and hundreds of men have participated in these groups with me. Many clients, especially men, imagine that they will not be able to be open in a group setting, but my experience is that most people like the group setting after they have attended a few times. Participants quickly learn that they are not so different from most people, and the environment feels like participating in an interactive class. Groups are teamwork opportunities, where the members and the leaders combine their experiences and wisdom to encourage people to tackle problems. They are especially helpful for long-standing issues that you have been unable to overcome by other means. I offer numerous group experiences, some short-term and specialized, others longer and more diverse in their scope. Group meetings are sometimes intense, usually thought provoking, occasionally life-changing, and often punctuated with humor and camaraderie.

Typical issues addressed in counseling groups for men:

  • Depression (How can I shake the blues?)
  • Infidelity (Can I get my partner back?)
  • Substance use (Is there another way to deal with my substance addiction?)
  • Honesty (How can I be more honest with my loved ones?)
  • Shame (Can I ever be forgiven for what I have done?)
  • Relationship problems (Is my wife just impossible?)
  • Divorce (Will I ever be able to accept the end of my marriage?)
  • Isolation (How can I be less alone?)
  • Employment (Will I ever find work again?)
  • Loss (What do I do with the aching hole in my heart?)