Divorce and Post-Divorce Counseling

I am generally a fan of marriage, but every marriage is a possible exception. Sometimes, divorce is clearly the right decision, especially in marriages where violence has occurred. In other cases, even if there has not been violence, the atmosphere is so negative and toxic that all good will has gone, and it is very unlikely that the couple can reconstitute a loving and respectful relationship. Of course, the decision to divorce is made more complicated by the presence of children or by deeply held religious, family, or cultural beliefs that forbid divorce. I will not make the decisions for you, but I may be able to help clarify the pros and cons of the decisions. I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of couples who have struggled with similar concerns. I have even written a book on the subject. So, I am well equipped to help you think through this process.

Typical issues addressed in divorce/post-divorce counseling:

  • Making a decision (Is divorce the best option?)
  • Dealing with the kids (How should we tell the children?)
  • Parenting after divorce (How can we try to co-parent?)
  • Getting over the pain (How do I know I am ready for a new relationship?)