Discernment Counseling

In some cases, couples wrestle with the question of whether or not it’s possible to salvage the marriage. Things aren’t good in the marriage, but the prospects of life after divorce may not seem all that great either. Discernment counseling is a short-term (usually 6 or so meetings), structured approach to help couples make this important, but difficult decision. Should we divorce or commit to an intensive effort to improve the relationship? When couples choose to work intensively on the relationship, they table the conversation about divorce for six months before re-examining their decision. Through the process of Discernment Counseling, I will help you become committed to making the choice that is best for the two of you.

Typical reasons people choose discernment counseling:

  • We have been threatening divorce, but don’t know if we really want to do it.
  • We are unsure if we can bring love back into our marriage.
  • We may need to divorce, but we are worried about how it would affect the kids.
  • We have been distant for a long time, but can anything be done now?