Anger Problems

Growing up, I often witnessed the rages of my father. As a psychologist, I know that many people experience huge problems with the inappropriate expression of anger. I use a variety of methods to address anger problems depending on the individual situation. Sometimes, I recommend individual consultation while at other times I suggest meeting with others as part of learning how to successfully cope with anger. I give clients practical advice on how to manage anger, reduce stress, avoid difficult situations, and problem-solve likely challenges. I am one of the few mental health professionals in Houston who commonly works with anger problems.

Typical anger issues which I treat:

  • Complaints from family members about my anger (Am I too irritable?)
  • Family violence (What constitutes family violence?)
  • Court-mandated anger management (Can I complete anger counseling with you?)
  • Discomfort with my own anger (What can I do about my excessive anger?)
  • Conflicts with family members (Is there a way to avoid all the fighting?)