Individual Counseling

Whether you are struggling with an important life decision; going through a transition; needing an outside, objective opinion; coping with loss or trauma; or dealing with an individual challenge such as depression, anxiety, or addiction, I can help point you in a new direction. Think of me as your GPS. You set the goal, and I will help you get there. I will usually meet with you for about an hour at a time to both unpack the issues and to come up with ideas of how to proceed. I like to give you things to do between sessions to further the experience beyond the office… think of it like physical-therapy exercises you do at home. (It is important to keep “stretching” even when you are not in the “gym”.) I am flexible about scheduling, and most people experience some improvement within a few meetings. You get to decide when you want to come back for some more guidance.

Typical issues I address in individual meetings:

  • Anger (When is my anger too much?)
  • Traumatic Experiences (How do I get back to normal after experiencing a trauma… crime, disaster, assault, terrorism?)
  • Men’s Issues (What makes a “good man”? When is masculinity “toxic”?)
  • Parenting 101 (How do I raise responsible boys?… and girls?)
  • Questions about divorce (When is it time to call it quits? Or should I try to fix it?)
  • Depression (What if I feel pretty down and I can’t seem to get back up?)
  • Anxiety (How can I stop worrying all the time?)
  • Stress (How can I better cope with all the pressures I am experiencing?)
  • PTSD (Can you ever recover from PTSD?)
  • Loss (How can I establish a new normal?)
  • Addiction (How do I know if I have an addiction?)
  • Compulsive Behaviors (Is there any way to end a long-term, bad habit?)
  • Health Issues (Can I cope more effectively with my medical problems?)
  • Workplace problems (Can I get along better with my boss/co-workers?)
  • Suicidal thoughts (Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?)
  • Serious mental illness (personality disorders, bipolar illness, schizophrenia) (Can I improve my thinking?)
  • Insomnia (How can I get a good night’s sleep?)
  • Reconnecting with loved ones (Should I reach out to my difficult parent?)
  • Self-development (Should I be doing more with my life?)