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Do you have a group of 6-12 people that you'd like to take on the experience of a lifetime? If you're a family that is in need of processing a loss, or work colleagues that collaborate in stressful situations that require absolute trust in one another, I can assist with formatting the excursion to reach your goals of healing, trust-building, and personal development. Get in touch and let's start the conversation about an experience catered to your needs. Learn more »

Combining Outdoor Experiences with Personal Growth

These experiences are among the things that make my practice so unique and some of the work of which I am the most proud.

Each year I lead group retreats to the Big Bend country for a period of personal exploration. The Big Bend area of Texas is a remote desert wilderness, vast in scope, rugged in beauty, and spiritual in character. Some of the retreats are for “men-only”, others are designed for couples. In addition, from time to time, I lead other adventure therapy retreats (e.g. backpacking trips to other wilderness areas and parks.)

These retreats are unique in their design and format. They feature camping activities, desert hikes, mountain trails, group camaraderie, good food, and a program designed to expand self-understanding. Each year the program is different, customized specifically for the particular people that attend. The retreats are fun, challenging, and exciting. Many folks come back year after year, and participants often state that the experience at Big Bend was like months of learning about the self, rolled into a weekend. As one happy wife put it, “He left the man he used to be under a rock at Big Bend.”

Typical themes considered in my group retreats:
  • Loss  What if I never was able to say goodbye?
  • Reconnection to an intimate partner  Can we rekindle the flames of love?
  • Priorities  What is really important to me?
  • Male friendships  Can I learn to trust other men?
  • Death  How can I mourn my loved one?
  • Improving father/son relationships  What can bring us closer together?
  • Marital communication  What can enable us to be truly understood?
  • Life Transitions  Is there life after retirement?
  • Recovery from depression  Can I find meaning again in my life?