Workshops & Presentations

Dr. Buser is a popular and accomplished speaker who incorporates a dramatic style and a large dose of humor in all of his presentations.  He has appeared in numerous conferences and conventions and is sought after as an invited speaker. Most of his presentations concern gender-related issues of men and boys, relationship improvement, parenting problems, ethics, dealing with crisis situations, and stress management. His many presentations include:

Men’s Issues
Those Darn Men:  Psychotherapy with the Fairer Sex
The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce
Psychotherapy without Drums:  The Reluctant Gender
The Reluctant Gender in Group Therapy
Men, Divorce, and Life Afterwards
Mental Health Needs of Men

Boy Talk
Boys Will Be Men

What Cupid Forgot to Tell You
Help, I’m Married to a Person with ADHD
Infidelity:  A Systemic and Intrapsychic Perspective
Love in Relationships

Crisis Management
Is It Hot in Here? Pshychology in the Fire Service
Helping First Responders: A Systemic and Multicultural Approach

Humorous Presentations
The Great Debate
Ethics Gone Wild
Ethica 24

What to Do Until the Psychologist Arrives
Parenting Difficult Kids
Fathering Adolescents
Fathering Young Children
Fathering Adults
When a Dad Becomes a Man

Gimme a Break:  The Hurried and Harried Professional
Balancing Work and Family
The Season of Crisis

Dr. Buser has been a presenter for the:

American Psychological Association
Texas Psychological Association

Houston Psychological Association
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Texas Assn. for Marriage & Family Therapy
Emory University

Houston Assn. for Marriage & Family Therapy
Village School

Houston Group Psychotherapy Society
Briarwood School

The University of Texas Health Science Center

Baylor College of Medicine
Houston Mental Health Assn.

Ft. Bend Independent School District
Attention Deficit Disorders Assn.

Grace Presbyterian Church

Dr. Buser has appeared numerous times on Houston-area radio and television programs, and he was featured on an episode of the nationally syndicated Montell Williams Show.